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Cheap, Effective And Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of Warts At Home

Cheap Effective And Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of Warts At Home

Warts are small skin bumps that can appear to any person’s skin, regardless their age, given a low immune system. They aren’t dangerous for your health but they are unsightly and even painful.

1. Besides the medical treatment given by the doctor, you can also try natural remedies such as castor oil. Just apply it on the wart every evening before going to bed and in a few months you’ll get rid of warts.

2. Figs can also be an effective remedy. Prepare a natural juice from lots of figs and apply it on the affected area several times a day for two weeks.

3. If you don’t want use castor oil or figs, you can try a raw potato. For two weeks in a row, apply several times a day a slice of raw potato. Keep it until it becomes black. You’ll see an improvement after the first 7 days, and in 2 weeks the wart will be just a bad memory.

4. Onions are also helpful for treating warts. Cut one onion into 2 large slices and rub the affected area several times a day. It’s an effective treatment, and the results can be seen in just a few days.

5. You can also use basil, marigold or fresh dandelion with which you can massage the area, 3 times a week, for several months. It’s better if you crush their leaves in a mortar and apply the paste on the wart.

6. Another natural remedy can be obtained from the fresh pineapple juice (2 tablespoons), talcum powder and water (1 tablespoon). Add talcum powder as much as needed until it forms a paste. Apply the resulting paste on the affected area once a day for several weeks.

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